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Meet Our Supporters > National Top Pacesetter Teams

The top nationwide fundraising teams show an intense dedication in helping to finish the fight against breast cancer.

It's All About Teamwork!

Our top 20 teams go above and beyond in their cancer fundraising efforts to help save more lives to help finish the fight against breast cancer. But every team and every donation helps us get closer to a day when breast cancer no longer threatens the lives of those we love, so sign up online to start a team and invite your friends to join you. Aim for the top 20, but know that each step and each dollar raised help the American Cancer Society save more lives. Start your team today. Start your team today.

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Top 20 National Teams

National Top 20 Pacesetter Teams

Congratulations and thank you to our current top nationwide fundraising teams! Your dedication and volunteer work is saving more lives and helping to create a world without breast cancer.

National Top 20 Pacesetter Teams

Team Name

Team Leader

Amount Raised

Stacy's Circle of Friends

Stacy Matseas




Westport Babes

Neva Weber


The Kroger Company Of Michigan

Kerri Cross


Mutual of America

Sean Noonan


The Tricia Militia

Janine Erhardt


Wonder Women




Jennifer Magnant


OCLI - Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island

Jennifer Messina


The S&W Dream Team

Christopher Bullock


Troop Tegan for Lorraine

Patrice, Tom, Graham, Tommy, Aidan and Colin McCloskey


Drs. Randall Feingold, Ron Israeli, Peter Korn, and David Light

Cheryl Ross


Marion County Law Enforcement Supports a Cure

Debbie Donohue



Suzanne Harmon


Steve Madden

Debbie Donohue


Walgreens Wellness Walkers

Cathy Agundez


Ladies of Lindenwood

Judy Wray


Pink Night

Stacy Pawlovich


Qualcomm Friends and Family

Amy Carniglia


Team Smiths

Kristie Hilde



Last updated 2/1/2014

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