Help With Making Strides Online



Below are some tools that will help you use our Making Strides Online tool. Simply click the links below to read step-by-step instructions, or watch one of our new instructional videos.

2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl) Sign Up, Set Up, Send Overview:

2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl) How To Start a Team

2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl) How To Join a Team

2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl) How to Sign Up as an Individual Walker

2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl) Your Personal Page

2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl) Change your Info

2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl) E-mail Friends and Family

2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl) Follow Up with Friends and Family



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