Making Strides Survivor Stories


Below are true stories from real breast cancer survivors. These stories remind us that Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is more than just the name of a walk it's the hope that each year will bring us more breast cancer survivors and that the future holds a day when no one will have to hear the words "You have breast cancer."

After watching my mother now a 23-year survivor battle breast cancer, I always made sure to get my yearly mammogram. Yet, nothing could prepare me to hear the words “You have breast cancer” in April 2006. As a single mother of two I knew I faced one of the biggest challenges of my  life.
Judy Gloden, Michigan 

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After noticing a rash on my breast in March 1999, I went to the doctor for my yearly mammogram. As a devoted wife and mother of seven, I was totally shocked when I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer an uncommon type of invasive breast cancer that accounts for only 1 to 3 percent of all breast cancer cases.
Mary Montoya, Michigan

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 "My cell phone rang as my sister, Kristen, and I were driving down the highway early November 2006. I saw that it was my doctor's office, and my heart began to race. First the doctor asked me if I was the one driving. I wasn't. That lead-off question told me the rest of the story before she even spoke the words. "All of your biopsies came back positive for cancer", she said. "I'm sorry."...Subsequent events remain hazy to me, but just 40 days after that mammogram I found myself sitting in a chemotherapy chair fighting for my life with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. My treatment plan was a tough battle...18 weeks of chemotherapy, followed by a modified radical mastectomy, followed by many weeks of daily radiation. And for the next 5 years, I will have to take a daily drug designed to help fight recurrence. The good news is that my recent scans are showing that my fight has paid off and today my body is cancer-free. I was at that health fair to help save others, yet I myself was saved."
Lauri, Brook Park, Ohio - Click here to read Lauri's full story

 "I am Teresa Mosier of Antwerp, Ohio. I am a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and I am a Breast Cancer Survivor. I will be walking in the northwest Ohio “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk on May 10, 2008 in Perrysburg, Ohio...My most recent encounter with breast cancer was June, 2007. I went for my yearly physical. Doc and I both felt a lump on the left breast. I was sent for a mammogram, it showed no mass…I thought great! But what was the lump? The Dr. and I decided for peace of mind that I should have it removed. It was probably nothing. I met the surgeon, nice man. One week later he removed it at Hicksville Hospital. Everything went well. The mass was about 2-3 centimeters...It was cancer...After the surgery, more treatment (I was hoping this was going to be easy, not so.) So many options- Chemo, traditional radiation, mammosite radiation, clinical trials...The American Cancer Society has been there for me. I walk for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer for a simple reason…If not me WHO?."
Teresa, Antwerp, Ohio - Click here to read Theresa's full story

 "I walk because in 1994 I heard the words "You have breast cancer. I walk because in 2003 I heard the words, "You have breast cancer". I walk because just last week in 2008 I heard the words, "You have breast cancer". I walk to bring awareness to early detection and survival rates. I walk to show that we do and we will survive with early detection and good medical care. I walk for those who have stood with me and supported me for the last 14 years. My family,my friends, my co-workers, and my medical community. I walk so hopefully my daughter, my grandaughter, my sister, and nieces will never have to hear the words, 'You have breast cancer'."
Ginny, Warren, Ohio

 "I was diagnosed in March 2007. A few weeks after finishing chemo, I completed my first "Making Strides" walk in October 2007. I was so honored to be walking with fellow survivors, and family members. I still can't believe I finished that walk, and hope to complete many, many more."
Kimberly, Cincinnati, Ohio

 "I am walking to celebrate my own survival.  Although it seems impossible that it's been 5  years -- I will celebrate my 5th cancer-free  anniversary in October. Praise the Lord!!!   Even more, I am walking to celebrate with and for  other survivors, in honor of those who are still  fighting, and in memory of those who have lost  their fight against this terrible disease.   But mostly, I am walking in the hope that future  generations of women (and men) won't NEED to  fight ... that the fight will have been WON once  and for all."
Becki, North Canton, Ohio

 "It is rewarding, not so much physically at the  event, but to see all the excitement of those  who have had some tragedy or triumphs in thier  lifetime in dealing with the dreadful disease of cancer.  My sister Brenda was diagnosed with  breast cancer at a very young age and lived in  Georgia.  I remember when she first called me  and told me she was diagnosed with lumps in her  breast and they wanted to operate on her  immediately, and do the complete removal and  then, using muscle tissue from her stomach,  reconstruct a breast.... amazing.... and I  travelled to be with her while in the hospital,  and then later for the radiation treatments....  the process of loosing the hair, the thought of  her with two small children, husband, and no  family with her and 10 years younger than  me.... !   I do it for her.... and many others  whom I have seen suffer and have not been so  fortunate to make it.  This is for all of us who  need the STRENGTH to press on to new ingenuity,  and HOPE to succeed in making it thru such a  trial or to help others who are trying to cope,  and FAITH that with education, prayer and love  of others, we will conquer this disease.....  that is why I keep-on-keeping-on......"
Cindee, Canton, Ohio

 "I am walking for the 2 strongest women I know. My mother has been a survior for 2 years and my aunt is battling with her second bout of Breast Cancer. The strength that these two women have shown me has made me realize that no matter what life throws at you-you can get thru it."
Judy, Columbus, Ohio

 "I walk because in 2001 my mother lost a 9 year battle in  the fight against breast cancer.  I walk for those who cannot. I want others to know that I support finding a cure and that I am thankful for all of those who continue to find new breakthroughs.  I walk in memory of my mother, the bravest woman I will have ever met." 
Amanda, Columbus, Ohio

 "Last Spring one my dearest friends was diagnosed  with breast cancer.  She doesn't drink, smoke,  she eats healthy foods, exercises and teaches  P.E. with me in our public elementary school.   Her son was diagnosed with cancer several years  ago and she got him through that.  She should  not have this horrible disease!!!! But she is over half way through her chemo  therapy and is a fighter.  She is brave and a  very good person.  This is the very least I can  do for her. I also lost my favorite aunt to cancer 23 years  ago. Ny father, her brother, lost a kidney to  cancer several years ago.  And my grandfather  died of prostate cancer.  This disease has taken more family and friends  in my life than any other."
Dawn, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

 "Even though I am the daughter & granddaughter of 2 amazing breast cancer survivors, I never expected to be diagnosed myself at age 36. Going through 6 rounds of chemo, a mastectomy, & 25 days of radiation with 3 young children (ages 4, 6, & 9 1/2) was really tough. We would never have made it without the support of our families. I am walking in the hopes that my daughters will never have to go through this."
Melinda, Lambertville, MI

 "I walk for my dear but very special friends and family members in my life. I want them to have a chance for a longer life with their loved ones. Maybe someday there will be a cure and the nite mare will no longer have the power over anyone ever again. I walk because I love and I hope that someday we will win."
Virginia, Bertram, TX

 "My mother lost her fight to breast cancer 8 yrs ago. In Nov 2006 I heard my doctor say "you have breast cancer" at 42 a single mother of two teenage boys and a soldier in the U S Army. I walk because I am able and because I don't want my grandaughter, neice or another sister to hear those words. I walk because my friends walked for me."
Kathleen, Victoria, VA

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