Making Strides Survivor Stories


Below are true stories from real breast cancer survivors. These stories remind us that Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is more than just the name of a walk; it's the hope that each year will bring us more breast cancer survivors and that the future holds a day when no one will have to hear the words: "You have breast cancer."

After watching my mother now a 23-year survivor battle breast cancer, I always made sure to get my yearly mammogram. Yet, nothing could prepare me to hear the words “You have breast cancer” in April 2006. As a single mother of two I knew I faced one of the biggest challenges of my  life.
Judy Gloden, Michigan 

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After noticing a rash on my breast in March 1999, I went to the doctor for my yearly mammogram. As a devoted wife and mother of seven, I was totally shocked when I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer an uncommon type of invasive breast cancer that accounts for only 1 to 3 percent of all breast cancer cases.
Mary Montoya, Michigan

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"The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk has been a great ‘healing’ for us and our team is a living memorial to my mother, taken from us 30 years ago. She was a wonderful mom, and I am so sad that I have spent my entire adult life without her. I am also so thankful that my little sister from Florida, a 5-year survivor, is healthy and walking with us every year. Maybe this team has contributed to that. I hope so. This walk, this event, keeps them both even closer to me.  We will walk until there is a cure, so that no woman, in any family, will ever have to wonder again, 'Will I get it?  Or, 'Will I survive it?'"
Diane, Massachusetts

"All of a sudden you become part of a wonderful family full of survivors, friends, and families of survivors, all walking for the same cause ... to find a cure for cancer. Every year the group expands and cannot believe how moving the walk is." 
Peg, Massachusetts

“I had overwhelming support from the American Cancer Society throughout my treatments and wanted to give something back."
Chris, New Hampshire

"It’s the cheers and encouragement from the volunteers along the walk route and the track signs we can read together as a family and discuss that make the event so incredible." 
Lorraine, Massachusetts


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