Breast Cancer Programs


For nearly 100 years, the American Cancer Society has been in your community offering breast cancer programs and support to help those we love in their time of need. We are proud that money raised from Making Strides Against Breast Cancer enables the American Cancer Society to provide many breast cancer programs and resources to patients and their families free of charge. Below are a few of our breast cancer programs.

 Reach to Recovery´┐?
For 30 years, Reach to Recovery has been linking newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with knowledgeable breast cancer survivors who already understand the physical and mental challenges as well as the positive milestones associated with the disease, helping men and women cope with every step of their breast cancer experience. Reach to Recovery volunteers give patients and family members an opportunity to express feelings, talk about fears and concerns, and ask questions. Most importantly, Reach to Recovery volunteers offer understanding, support, and hope because they have survived breast cancer and have gone on to live normal, productive lives. In New England last year, we provided 656 Reach visits. 2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl )Click here to learn more about Reach to Recovery and programs that may be available in your area. 

 Look Good...Feel Better´┐?
The Look Good...Feel Better program is a community-based, free, national service that teaches female cancer patients beauty techniques to help restore their appearance and self-image during chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Volunteer beauty professionals lead small groups, usually consisting of 6 to 10 women, through practical, hands-on experience. Women learn about makeup techniques, skin care, nail care, and options related to hair loss such as wigs, turbans, and scarves. Each group program participant receives a free kit of cosmetics for use during and after the workshop. For patients who are unable to attend a group workshop, a free, one-time, individual salon consultation with a volunteer cosmetologist may be available. In New England last year, 1,783 women took advantage of this program.

The Look Good...Feel Better program was founded and developed in 1989 by the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA) Foundation, a charitable organization supported by the cosmetic industry, in cooperation with the American Cancer Society and the National Cosmetology Association (NCA), a national organization that represents hairstylists, wig experts, estheticians, makeup artists, and other beauty professionals. All cosmetology volunteers attend a 4-hour certification class. 2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl )Click here for more information about the Look Good… Feel Better program.

 Cancer Survivors NetworkSM
Cancer Survivors Network is an online community of cancer survivors, families, and friends who have been touched by cancer and would like to share their experience, strength, and hope. This non-commercial Web site provides a private, secure way to find and communicate with others who share similar interests and experiences. You control access to your personal information such as your email address. You, and only you, decide to whom that information is available. The Cancer Survivors Network was created by and for those who have experienced cancer first hand in the hope that, together, we will all find strength and inspiration from sharing our personal stories and expressions of hope. 2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl )Click here for more information about the Cancer Survivors Network.

  Retreats for Cancer Patients
 We Can Weekend and Adventure Weekend are two retreats offered -- at a very minimal fee -- to cancer patients by the American Cancer Society New England Division. Adventure Weekend gives women with breast cancer, whether in treatment or not, a chance to come together at an outdoor camp in the Monadnock Region of southern New Hampshire. The small group shares a weekend of adventure, group support, meditation, and common experiences, participating in such activities as kayaking or snow-shoeing, a ropes course, yoga, and journaling. Upcoming Adventure Weekends will be held on May 18-20, and September 21-23. At We Can Weekend, cancer patients and their families join other families living under the pressure of a cancer diagnosis. Spouses can talk to other spouses about what they are going through, and children can meet others their age who can relate to their situation. This year, We Can Weekend will be held June 8-10 at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA, and August 10 - 12 at Rivier College in Nashua, NH. To learn more, call 1-800-ACS-2345, day or night, or download this year's We Can Weekend brochure.

 Cancer Resource Network

The American Cancer Society Cancer Resource Network refers to our nationwide network of services available to assist people affected by cancer, especially newly diagnosed patients and their caregivers. We provide medical information, clinical trials matching services, referrals to local support services (not just our own), treatment options, help finding insurance, and much more. Trained cancer information specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide timely cancer information and community resources to constituents who call the Society’s toll-free information line at 1-800-ACS(227)-2345. A wealth of information also can be found on our Web site,

Our online mammogram reminder system enables women age 40 and older to sign up to receive a free email  

 Free Email Mammogram Reminder
Our online mammogram reminder system enables women age 40 and older to sign up to receive a free email message each year reminding them to "Please, schedule your mammogram." The mammogram reminder also allows you to send reminders to the women you love so that they too will remember to get their yearly mammograms. 2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl )Click here to sign up for a free Mammogram Reminder.

 Road to Recovery´┐?
Road to Recovery is an American Cancer Society service program that provides cancer patients with transportation to and from their treatments. Transportation is provided according to the needs and available resources in the community. In New England last year, cancer patients received nearly 19,000 free rides to treatment from our dedicated volunteer drivers.

 The tlc “magalog”
The tlc “magalog” provides medical information and special products for women with breast cancer and others experiencing treatment-related hair loss. Products include hats, turbans, kerchiefs, hairpieces, mastectomy bras, and breast forms. Silicone prostheses are also offered.

 I Can Cope
I Can Cope educational classes bring information about cancer, encouragement, and practical hints to people with cancer and their families and friends. Doctors, nurses, social workers, and other health care professionals lead presentations and class discussions.

To learn more about the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs in your area, please visit ´┐?, or call us toll-free at 1-800-ACS (227)-2345, anytime, day or night.

I Can Cope classes also can be taken online.