Making Strides Through Advocacy



In two short years the partnership between Making Strides and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action NetworkSM (ACS CAN) has changed the face of breast cancer in our nation’s capitol. Thousands of dedicated Making Strides volunteers have made their voices heard and together, with ACS CAN, they are urging Congress to ensure that every woman has access to lifesaving cancer screening and treatment.

What is ACS CAN?
The American  Cancer Society Cancer Action Networksm (ACS CAN) is the sister advocacy organization of the American Cancer Society aimed at eliminating cancer through voter education and issue campaigns.  ACS CAN is still a relatively new organization and, together with Making Strides volunteers throughout the country, we are having a huge impact on our legislators.  

We Saved Mammograms
Last year, thousands of Making Strides volunteers just like you took action with ACS CAN to defeat a US Senate bill that would have gotten rid of existing laws in 49 states that require insurance companies to cover mammograms. More than 10,000 Making Strides volunteers took action against this bill in one day and helped ensure cancer screenings for those facing cancer across the country. Together, we saved mammograms.

We Can Change the Odds
Saving mammograms was a huge victory, but the battle is not over. ACS CAN and volunteers nationwide are fighting for more funding for the lifesaving National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. This government-funded program provides cancer screenings and treatment to uninsured and underinsured women nationwide. 

To make your voice heard and to urge Congress to ensure that all women have access to lifesaving cancer screenings and treatment, please visit 2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl)