The Sister Study


 Delores and Patricia

Patricia Washington (left) with sister Delores Burgess (right)

The Delores Burgess Story
Known as the "little lady with the big voice," Delores Burgess, an award-winning gospel music recording artist, speaker, and author, also uses her vocal talents to share testimony about her personal victory over breast cancer. Delores is an avid breast cancer advocate and serves as an American Cancer Society Congressional District 4 Celebration Ambassador for the state of Georgia. In Washington DC, she went before Georgia Congress members and performed during the ACS "2006 Celebration on the Hill" which provided encouragement to so many other women. She is a very active volunteer with the ACS Speakers Bureau where she is often called upon to fulfill a variety of speaker and media requests. Most recently she was featured in the January 2007 edition of Black Enterprise Magazine on behalf of ACS and Celebration on the Hill. Delores served as the survivor speaker at the 2006 National Relay for Life Best Practices Conference, the 2006 South Atlantic Division Mission Delivery Volunteer Summit, and a host of community Relay for Life and Making Strides for Breast Cancer Kick-off celebrations.

Delores served as a Recruitment Specialist and Survivor Activity Facilitator for the 2004 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Since then she has lent her voice of inspiration and encouragement to many Making Strides fundraisers as well as at corporate events like the NHO Making Strides Kick-off Breakfast, Florida Division Making Strides University, and the National Making Strides Mock Breakfast Meeting. Delores remains an integral part of Making Strides and other ACS Relay for Life annual events always remembering the help and support she received from her local ACS chapter following her diagnosis with breast cancer.

Delores became a Sister Study volunteer when she helped reach African American women at MegaFest 2005, one of the largest Christian conferences in the U.S. Since then Delores Burgess Music Ministries, which includes a dynamic team of dedicated women, has helped to spread the word about the Sister Study to thousands of people from all across the country by presenting at hospitals, churches, survivorship organizations, support groups, and community based events, particularly in Georgia where she lives. Delores believes so much in the goal of the Sister Study that she encouraged her sister to join.
"I'm extremely proud of my sister Pat for participating in such important research," says Burgess.

When Delores performs, she often takes advantage of the opportunity to talk about her journey with breast cancer, which she feels has proven to be purposeful, and to encourage women to make a difference in breast cancer research. She has taken to heart the Sister Study motto, "Woman by woman…Sister by sister…We can make a difference."

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Patricia Washington’s Story
(sister of Delores Burgess)

I joined the Sister Study simply because my sister asked me to and because I love her. It was the least I could do after watching her go through such a tough time with surgery dealing with this scary disease, and considering the risk of breast cancer to myself, my mother, my daughter, and my two nieces. I’m not a woman of many words and sometimes I really don’t know what to say, but what I see in my sister is that she is a breast cancer SURVIVOR! And to think you would never know it just by looking at her when she’s singing on stage. But what you will come to know when you read her book and hear her speak at all the events that she’s asked to attend is her strength! If breast cancer ever happened to me, I hope I’m as strong.

Patricia Washington

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Please-Join the Sister Study. Spread the word.
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women except for non-melanoma skin cancer. While there's been great improvement in breast cancer treatments and survival rates, about 40,000 US women are still expected to die from the disease this year.

What causes one woman to develop the disease instead of someone else? Researchers know that alcohol use, early onset of menstruation, and a few other factors may slightly increase the risk of breast cancer, but more than half of the 215,000 new cases each year occur in women with no known risk factors.

Enroll today! You are eligible to join if

  • Your sister (living or deceased), related to you by blood, had breast cancer
  • You are between the ages of 35 and 74
  • You have never had breast cancer yourself
  • You live in the United States or Puerto Rico

If you are not eligible, please encourage others to enroll!

It's especially important that women from all backgrounds, occupations, races and ethnicities participate so the results of the study will represent and benefit all women. Also important are women ages 55-74 because the risk of breast cancer increases with age.

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