on october 28, after a day of cleaning and painting the house, i showered and noticed a commerical on tv reminding me it was breast cancer awareness month...why should that matter to me? i have no family history of the disease, and i performed a self check just 2 months earlier...so why the nagging in my mind to check again?? after kissing my then 7 year old daughter good nite, and sitting on the edge of her bed watching her fall asleep, that commercial came on again...concidence? or fate...no one knows, but by checking that evening, i noticed a lump in my right breast..shock and fright flooded my veins and i called my doctor the next morning..after all the appointments, mammos, and bloodwork, the diagnosis came-invasive ductal carcinoma thankfully early stage one...rushing through the thanksgiving holidays with a lumpectomy, and then facing christmas with every scan known to man, my doctor's words imbedded in my brain, "it's going to be a rough 9 months, but you are strong and are going to have a lot to live for..." he was right..i lost my hair, had heavy doses of chemo and radiation, and the most wonderful, supportive group of doctors and nurses keeping me focused while i kept my focus on my daughter..."she can't be without her mommy" is the first words i spoke after being told about my cancer..it's now been a year, and everything is awesome!! my rock, my beautiful daughter and supportive family and friends have help guide me on the road to recovery! keeping focused and a positive attitude will change many things...thanks to everyone for supporting this cause, this purpose..  --Mrs Krysten Marie Comperchio, Port St. Lucie, FL




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