I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Sept.11th 2006. I had a total masectomy with an immediate reconstruction. Was put on chemo treatments for 8 weeks every 2 weeks. I was also put on early menopause.  I still have a PICC line because I stillget Herceptin every 3 weeks. I have not been able to go to work yet. My hair is just starting to grow.  It has been horrible, but at least I survived. My Mom had breast cancer at age 59 and I'm 44 yrs old. My youngest son had a brain tumor at age 6 and he is now 19 yrs old.

Thank God for my husband who is a nurse and I had him for 24/7 taking care of me. Also my daughter who moved back home while she was pregnant and the baby was born in our house and was also great help.
Mrs. Rosa Negron, Miami, FL



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