After finding a lump in May 2004, I went to my regular Doctor and she told me to book an appointment for a biopsy. I had to wait because we had tickets bought and paid for to fly to England, UK. (Our only son was about to be deployed to Iraq) and couldn't take a leave home prior to the delpoyment. After our trip, the biopsy was completed and we were told within hours of the results (everyone involved knew about our trip and our son). The rest is history now. I did chemo 1st, lumpectomy and two node surgeries followed by radiation. Our son had done another deployment and is now back in the states, married and a new daddy. Treatment was tough but totally doable. I'm now a 3-year survivor and still going strong. After all I now have a grandson to live for and enjoy.  --Mrs. Diann Russano, Vero Beach, FL




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