I've been an advocate of breast self exam since being diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease in 1988. Ah, then one day during my shower and performing BSE I noted an unusual feeling area unlike previous exams. I called my GYN who examined and referred me to a surgeon who scheduled me for a biopsy as an outpatient which pathologically was diagnosed as cancer. Ah, what a way to end a year and begin a new with a diagnosis on 12/31/03! Lumpectomy followed within the week followed by radiation for 6-l/2 weeks and routine follow-up mammograms, ultrasounds, examinations by both my surgeon and radiology oncologist. Life is good with support of my family, friends, and participation as a volunteer for 9 years with the Emerald Coast Unit of the American Cancer Society. I'm Making Strides daily..................  --Patricia Hoerter, Shalimar, FL