To think... it all started with a miscarriage! I was 32 years old & pregnant with my 2nd child. Before I could get to the 1st prenatal appointment I had a miscarriage. No big worries...I just sat back & waited for my body to 'reset' to the normal cycle. 3 months went by & I started feeling kicks! I got another dr. appt. to confirm YES I was still pregnant. It was then we found the lump in my right breast. Family told me not to worry- I was too young for it to be anything serious. I've always been one that likes to proove others wrong, but that really was not my intention in this case. A month after the mammogram I had a biopsy that revealed I indeed had become the youngest person of anyone I knew with cancer. And then when you think it can't get worse... it does! My husband received orders 2 day later sending him to Kuwait. He would not be there for our child's delivery. He would not be there to hold my hand through chemo. In Feb. 2004, both my husband & I were signed up to fight 2 seperate wars. I'm glad to say both of us made it out alive! --Ouida Duncan, Lehigh Acres, FL




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