I was diagnosed in January, 2007.  I had a stage 2 and the following week had a lumpectomy and the following month started chemotherapy.  Had 5 treatments and ended up with phneumonia and in the hospital for a week.  I was supposed to do 8 treatments and the doctor said I would not be able to do the last 3.  I was petrified that I would die not getting the other 3.  I begged the doctor to give me the next one.  He siad definitely no.  I then did 37 radiation treatments and 2 weeks later went on a vacation.  It's been a year and I have hair and had my second vacation with my husband and daughter (Alaska).  I am a survivor and I am still tired at times, but I have survived.  Take care everyone.  --Linda Stewart, Ft. Lauderdale, FL




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