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We're happy to recognize Making Strides top 20 national Pacesetters who take their passion for fighting breast cancer to the next level. Their outstanding contributions help us get closer to a day when breast cancer no longer threatens the lives of those we love.

Setting the Pace

Pacesetters are Making Strides participants who go above and beyond in their efforts to help save more lives and make strides to end breast cancer. The only requirement to become a Pacesetter is to reach or surpass the Pacesetter goal for your local event. Sign up online to be a Pacesetter and start raising money to fight breast cancer!

Setting the Pace Image
National Pacesetters

National Top 20 Pacesetters

Congratulations and thank you to our current top nationwide Pacesetters! Your support and dedication are very much appreciated. Keep up the great work!

National Top 20 Pacesetters

Participant Name

Event Location

Amount Raised

Neva Weber

Making Strides of Westport, CT


Stacy Matseas

Making Strides of San Diego, CA


Dianne Fonseca

Making Strides of Providence, RI


Larry Gaynor

Making Strides of Detroit, MI


Ander Legaspi

Making Strides of Central Park, NY


Suzanne Harmon

Making Strides of Westchester, NY


Linda Camacho

Making Strides of The Bronx, NY


Trina Collins

Making Strides of Albany, NY


Peter Blumenthal

Making Strides of Westchester, NY


Natalie Pons

Making Strides of Phoenix, AZ


Cheryl Friedman-Olpin

Making Strides of South Palm Beach, FL


Andre Saad

Making Strides of Long Island, NY


Melinda Kozloski

Making Strides of San Diego, CA


Evelyn Belen

Making Strides of Central Park, NY


Karen Sussman

Making Strides of Lake County, IL


Lydia Harlacher

Making Strides of Houston, TX


John Tegan

Making Strides of Boston, MA


Danielle Steinberg

Making Strides of Martin


Jimmie Herrick

Making Strides of Chino Hills, CA


Olga Harvey

Making Strides of Westport, CT



Last updated 9/24/2014

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