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It’s Okay to Look at Our Chests

Normally, if you stare at a woman’s chest, she’ll tell you to look at her face. After all, it’s not polite to stare—especially there. But the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk was created to focus on breasts, and women are glad their chest has our undivided attention. In fact, because of our efforts, 1 in 2 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer reaches out to the American Cancer Society for help and support.
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We're putting the focus on what Making Strides events are all about - breasts. So, don't readjust your screen, the video is meant to be framed at chest-level. Watch (and share!) now to see how the American Cancer Society leads the fight to end breast cancer.

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Survivor Stories

Read personal stories from two of the women featured in our video. These women are living proof that cancer can be defeated.

Susan Williams

“Five weeks of radiation, every day, by myself. I never let anyone come with me and simply hold my hand. What was I thinking?”

I began getting annual mammograms in my mid 30's because I had fibrocystic breast disease and when I was 41 they found in situ cancer contained within the mammary ducts. I felt lucky to have caught it early and the treatment seemed straightforward—a lumpectomy and radiation—so I opted to share what I was undergoing with few people.

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Jessica Lucas

“I learned that as a stage IV patient my disease was chronic, meaning I would never be considered cancer-free or in remission.”

In April 2002 I felt an odd ridge of tissue—a pie-shaped sliver extending towards my armpit—in my left breast. I wasn’t overly concerned since breast cancer doesn’t run in my family and I led an active, healthy lifestyle as a certified Pilates instructor. Plus, at 33, I knew I was younger than the “normal” age of women diagnosed with breast cancer. I soon learned that with breast cancer, there is no normal.

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